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"I have a unique perspective of having worked with Steve to find a position early in my career, and later as a CEO, employing him and his firm as our sole recruiter. As a candidate, Steve was sincerely interested in understanding my needs and aspirations beyond the resume. In addition, I recognized that in order for him to embrace my job search, he had to know his clients equally well. The end result was a career path that led me to the President’s office by 39, a situation Steve anticipated more than I. For the next 20 years, I needed that same understanding and incite into candidates we needed to employ. Hiring the best candidate is more than having the background and an understanding of the subject matter. It is not just about talent, but compatibility, values, imagination, work ethics, synergy and personal confidence with a managed ego. Most hiring managers do not have the time to perform the in depth investigation to assure that perfect fit and are focused on their short term needs to fill a vacancy to accomplish the companies objectives. Steve recruiting process assured me that any candidate provided to our staff as a potential hire had been appropriately vetted to meet the macro objectives and fit requirements of our company, while assuring the highest talent pool available. We utilized Steve and his firm on an exclusive basis for all hiring for National Boaters and Fulfex and continue to recommend his services to fellow CEO’s. "

William E Russell, CEO National Boaters Franchising, Inc. formerly CEO/President, Fulflex, Inc.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on several search programs over the last twenty five years. Steve has always delivered and when we have needs in the future we will contact Steve without hesitation.”"

Tom Gavin, CEO – Anderson & Vreeland
"I have worked with Steve on various projects over the past 20 years, starting with my placement at WR Grace. Steve’s approach to recruiting projects is very efficient and effective. With every project, Steve drills down to understand the two or three critical needs in the position’s profile as well as spending the time to understand the culture of the hiring organization. As a result, Steve provides qualified candidates, candidates with the potential to be “A” players ranging from engineers through senior level business directors. I will continue to use Steve on key top grading projects and highly recommend his services to any organization in the industries Steve’s organization supports"

Douglas Rich, VP/Managing Director – MacDermid Printing Solutions Europe
"I’ve known and worked with Steve Morris for over thirty years. His work ethic and his respect and service to both clients and candidates is second to none. He is a great networker who always makes the extra effort. He has a sterling reputation in the placement industry. I genuinely value his counsel and friendship.”"

Frank McCarthy, President and Founder – Diverse Workplace Inc.
"Steve did an outstanding job bringing us qualified candidates all fitting our needs well. In all cases we had more than one outstanding choice including matching the chemistry with our companies philosophy. He is very easy to work with, does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, and often exceeds expectations with potential employees. He took the time to thoroughly understand our needs and didn’t waste any of our time with bad fits. I respect Steve and highly recommend him. I’ve worked with many recruiters over the last 25 years and Steve is a true leader in his field. I will use his services again. "

Wayne Hurd, CEO – Uretek
"Steve is wonderful to work with. He has consistently placed me in excellent roles in good organizations. He gives sound advice and recommendations. My family is so happy with Steve's services that he has placed two generations of my family in excellent roles!"

Frances Zgambo, Quality Manager – medical device company
"As an officer of Fulflex; I was associated with Steve Morris and Van/Grace Associates for more than 20 years. They placed me with the President of the company and then I worked with them to recruit all of our professional personnel at multiple locations. During that time Van/Grace placed more then 100 professionals at all levels from first line supervisors to engineers, chemists, department managers, sales professionals, and corporate officers. Their professionalism and fairness in dealing with Fulflex was unsurpassed. I would highly recommend VanGrace Associates and Steve Morris to any company for their recruiting and hiring process."

Frank Sheehan Fulflex Vice President of Operations (Retired)
"Steve is a seasoned recruiter with a wide network. He is able to provide guidance and quality advice in helping to develop strategies for career building. He is patient and committed to delivering the best results for his clients."

Andy Verth, Operations Manager, Rogers Corporation
"Steve really shows his deep expertise in matching candidates to companies looking for good people. His honest, straightforward manner is extremely refreshing. His seniority and knowledge are very rare and he knows how to get the job done. He is as good as they come."

Mike Guidoboni, Director of Quality – E Ink
"Steve is a consummate professional who provides a high quality service. He knows the market and he knows how to put people in a position to succeed. He always brings value to the organization."

Al Hambelton, Operations Director – Teknor Apex formerly DSM
"Steve quickly became a business partner which allowed us to source and hire candidates that met our unique business needs in a timely manner, in spec and at cost."

Michael Laine, General Manager – Hyperion Catalysis
"I have known Steve for many years on a personal and professional level. He recruited me at one point and then we worked closely together as he was the recruiter for the company he placed me at. He always provided excellent results, was detail oriented, a great listener and very competent in his work for us which included international recruitment in Singapore. I enjoyed working with him and would so again in an instant."

Greg Ciampa, Vice President of Sales Construction Products Industry former CFO
"Steve is a recruiter who knows how to match needs with skills. His insight and experience is invaluable. I have remained in contact with Steve throughout my career for advice and guidance and would highly recommend him."

Patty Rushia, Manufacturing Manager – medical device company